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About Conference


Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University and co-organizers invite You to take part in the International Scientific-Technical Conference dedicated to the memory of Prof. Shablij Oleh Mykolayovych and the 60th anniversary of the Theoretical Mechanics Department.
Shablij Oleh Mykolayovych
In June 2022 the 87th anniversary of Oleh Mykolayovych Shablij’s birth was celebrated, a talented scientist and public figure, a highly intelligent person, Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, Professor, a full member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science and Engineering of Ukraine, the first rector of Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University.

Born in Ternopil region, he graduated from I. Franko state university of Lviv in 1958, defended his Ph.D. thesis in 1963, and in ten years – his Doctoral thesis. O.M. Shablij is the first Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics in Ternopil region.

Oleh Shablij began his work experience as an assistant of the Theoretical Mechanics Department of Ternopil general technical faculty of Lviv polytechnic institute. Later he became a senior lecturer, and the head of the Department, which is now the Information Science and Mathematical Modeling Department.

For many years Oleh Mykolayovych worked as the director of Ternopil branch of Lviv polytechnic institute and the rector of Ternopil Ivan Puluj state technical university. While managed by Oleh Shablij, the Ternopil Ivan Puluj state technical university became a member of the European Association of Universities in 1999, and in six years the university joined the Bologna Charter of Universities - Magna Gharta Universitatum.

In 1978 Oleh Mykolayovych founded the scientific school “Optimization of control of the stress-and-strain state of rigid bodies”, where the topics of mechanics of solids, the efficient design of technological processes taking into account physical fields of various nature, design of heating systems, development and design of satellite-communication aerials became the subject-matter of the basic research.

O.M. Shablij was the Chairperson of more than ten International, National Scientific Symposiums, conferences and seminars, among them was the International Scientific-Educational Conference with Puluj’s readings dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the famous physicist’s birth whose name the TNTU is named after.

Oleh Mykolayovych is the author of more than 250 printed works, namely two monographs, 25 patents of Ukraine for inventions, 20 copyright certificates for the newest technologies. He was a supervisor of three Doctor’s and 12 Ph.D. dissertations in the field of technical and physical-mathematical sciences. Ten scientific-research topics both by state order as well as by legal entities order were supervised by him.

Academician O.M. Shablij was awarded the Order “Badge of Honor” (1986) and “Order of Merit, III degree”, the Golden Medal of American biographical institute of the USA (2008). His awards include “Saint Sofia” (2005), “Petro Mohyla” of MSE of Ukraine (2007), diplomas of the national Ukrainian programs: “Golden fund of the nation” (2013), and “National leaders of Ukraine” (2013), and “Fuel-energy complex of Ukraine” (2013). He was awarded with the title “Person of the Year” in the nomination “Science” by the Cambridge international bibliography center in 1998. Oleh Shablij was an Honorable citizen of Ternopil (2003).

Oleh Mykolayovych is really a prominent person in our society. All his life he worked hard for the development of the university, the city, and the country.

Oleh Shablij will always be remembered as an example of a talented manager, a famous scientist, a highly-qualified teacher, and a supervisor. О.М. Shablij will be forever an example of dedication to science, creative purposefulness, hard work, and service for the good of Ukraine.